Unique Video Production

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What is the reality wedding experience?

The experience is a journey that starts before your wedding. We do not simply record what we see but tell a story - the story of you and your loved one. Your story is hosted and edited by a professional production team.

What do we record prior to wedding day?

Every experience is different and no 2 packages are the same. We require a consultation and want to hear everything about your day and the preparations. From here we can decide and suggest some ideas on what we want to do to tell your story. We only proceed with what your comfort level is. Some examples are the following:

- Interviews with friends and family

- Flip cams given to the couple to record anything they want at anytime prior to their wedding

- Rehearsal recorded

- Bride & Groom Interview

What do we record on your wedding day?

Your wedding is is hosted on camera by one of our professional hosts and starts before the ceremony. Here we get a sneak peak of our bride and groom and hear what you have to say right before your big moment! If given the proper time and your ceremony does not immediately follow reception, these interviews can be edited and replayed along with your vows at your reception prior to your entrance. After the ceremony our host will be at your reception stationed at our Video-Photo Booth interviewing your guests throughout the night. Check out the video below!