Let us Tell Your Story…

Same Day Edit

A Same Day Edit is exactly what it sounds like. We will film your event throughout the day and turn it around, fully edited, that same day. It’s a challenge, of course, to fit everything into a same day edit – but there is one thing that the Ready To Go team is always up for and that’s a challenge. The result of a same day edit is a film uniquely shaped to combine a couple’s love story – a story filmed during your engagement – and the celebration that is your wedding day.

What goes into a Same Day Edit?

By the day of your wedding, the Ready To Go team will already have edited together most of your Love Story. We will be there starting in the morning during preparations and go with you all the way to the moment you walk into your reception with your new bride or groom. The RTG team kicks it into high gear at this time. While one team member continues to film your wedding, another team member edits together your Love Story and all the significant moments of your wedding day. The result is extraordinary.

About the Interview

After talking with a couple and understanding what they are looking to have captured on film, we will set up the interview portion of our True Love Story. The interviews, done as a couple and as individuals, take place at the RTG studios in Staten Island. Couples are often shy when we first start this – and that’s completely normal. Don’t worry, the nervous jitters quickly go away and the RTG team is able to capture how you really feel about your significant other. (Sometimes we even get lucky and can do a blooper reel as a fun bonus!)   We’ll also go with the couple on an engagement video shoot. Strolling through a park isn’t your thing? That’s ok. We want this love story to reflect YOU. With one couple, we actually went to a bowling alley to show their silly side. Have an idea? Tell us. If you can think of it, we can do it.

Still not sure if a True Love Story is for you? Check out some of the videos posted below. Often times couples pair this with the Same Day Edit for their wedding day so their guests can watch it during the reception.

Please contact us for more info about the RTG Love Story.

Innovation Through Technology: Event Videos With A Modern Edge – Do you want a video that carries the look and feel of a Discovery Channel biography? Would you prefer fast-paced MTV-style editing, with music to match… or a cinematic story that unfolds in the style of a fine film? We will tailor our product to your vision.

Each RTG production is crafted by a first rate production team that currently work in the Film and Television industry. Every team member, from Director to Cinematographer, to Craft Editor, carries years of experience in Film and Television production. We are professionals who stand at the apex of our respective fields. We go above and beyond to uphold the highest level of integrity and customer satisfaction.

RTG will give your friends and family the ability to view not only wedding clips, but the entire Final Video from anywhere around the world. We will dedicate our web server to hosting your password-protected video that friends and family can view on their IPhone, their Androids and of course their home computers.  In an age which Facebook and Twitter have changed the way the world communicates, and brought people together like never before, it is time to change the way special event videos are done. It is time to change the way in which can share your joy and your celebration with those you love.

Ready To Go Productions was founded by Frank Scudero in 2010. Frank has spent more than 20 years as a television professional. He has worked with MTV, VH1, ESPN, and Fiore Films. He is currently a Director for a major television news network. During Frank’s career, he has honed his journalistic and creative skills to deliver an extraordinary and world-renowned level of expertise.

Frank also has years of experience delivering high-quality and unique wedding videos to a discerning clientele. His intention is to bring a professional broadcast-quality experience to your event.

In 2011 All Generations Entertainment partnered with Ready to Go Productions creating one unique unit. Many members of the team work both sides of the industry in entertainment & video/photo with Phil Herman leading the entertainment & Frank Scudero leading the photo & video production. When booking your event it is important that these teams work together as they can blend their services seamlessly without any worries or issues.

We know you have many choices when deciding on your services for an event. We like to use this space on our website to not tell you why to choose us over the rest but what makes us unique to others. We consider ourselves a boutique business which means you will receive our undivided attention and dedication.

We are not a team of 100, we don’t want to be. We don’t want to give you any surprises on your wedding day or on the day of your next big corporate event. We take pride in exceeding in expectations again & again. At All Generations we know it is all about you!